Our Philosophy / Program

Kids Company Preschool was established as a service to the community and is equipped and staffed to give the best possible care for your child. We are committed to the belief that children learn best in an atmosphere which values the uniqueness of the individual. Our center provides an environment that is safe and conducive to good health and where children can assemble, work and play together while being guided through a happy and wholesome program.


We believe that each child should have the opportunity to explore, experience and succeed at developmentally appropriate levels. Children should be given the freedom of choice, independence and laughter. Children are given the support to develop social skills such as cooperation, sharing, and forming friendships; confidence in problem solving and in making decisions; and a sense of self that enables children to interact competently with their world.

Developmental Goals for Children


As educators, we recognize that a child's early years are the most formative in his or her development. A child grows from a reflexive infant who has little control over his environment into an independent preschooler with a well-developed sense of self, capable of doing a great many things. Childhood is a time to be cherished and children need an opportunity to live first and foremost as children, not simply as future adults. A young child needs to have the experiences which will provide a secure foundation for the future with opportunities for growth and learning that are lasting and real.


Because we respect and appreciate the significance of these early years, we seek to provide for each child at his or her level, creating a continuum of learning experiences that will promote each aspect of development.


Cognitive Development


Increased competence and interaction with the use and understanding of materials and ideas including:


• Artistic And Expressive Abilities

 Imagination And Aesthetic Abilities

 Spatial And Perceptual Skills

 Observation And Reasoning

 Love For Literature

 Proficiency In Language And Communication Skills

 Understanding Of Words, Symbols And Information

Physical Development 


We productive outlets for creative energy, agility, coordination and independence in self-help physical movement.


Emotional Development 

We seek to teach our students: 

• Comfort With Self 

• Acceptable Ways Of Expressing Feelings And Emotions

Social Development


We seek to inculcate in our students:

• Acceptable Ways Of Relating To Peers, To The Group And To Adults 

• An Understanding Of Social Relationships, Customs And Culture

Kindergarten Readiness


Readiness depends upon the child's growth in social, emotional and gross motor skills. Kids Company Preschool has a pre-kindergarten program which concentrates on these areas of development and helps the child expand his or her awareness in these areas. Much of what is needed for readiness is not necessarily academic and derived from a school setting, but from everyday interaction with peers and adults.


There are abilities that we strive to teach our infants, such as how to match and identify letter names and sounds and then blend those sounds together to form words. However, there are over forty steps a child needs to master before the last three mentioned are reached. Within our pre-kindergarten program your child's teacher will help them master those skills.





Kids Company Preschool provides time for breakfast from 6:30 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. Two healthy snacks are provided during the day, plus a hot lunch.



Ages 2 to 3


This program includes a variety of activities that build on the beginner’s natural curiosity and enhance the child’s social development. Concepts such as sharing through interaction in play, music and story time are continued throughout the day.


Fine and gross motor skills are supported through small manipulative materials as well as outdoor play to develop balance and coordination.


Potty training is begun when both parents and teacher feel the child is ready. Serious cooperation from parents will make this an easier transition for all.



Ages 3 to 4


Our program curriculum includes: story time, math, science, music, art and sensory, multicultural and motor development, to name a few elements.


Children are introduced to these topics through many different forms and experiences. They are given the opportunity to explore and discover for themselves the world around them.



Ages 4 to 5 


As children enter the pre-kindergarten class, kindergarten readiness is an important goal. Within our program we offer ways to master thinking skills and problem solving. We hope to develop habits of observation, questioning and listening.


Independence is developed and encouraged. Numbers, the alphabet, shapes and colors are explored each day through games and activities. Vocabulary is increased by engaging each child in active conversation.


Building a child’s self-esteem through activities where they can succeed and accomplish goals they have set for themselves is important to developing their self-concept and awareness.


School Age

Kindergarten Age Through 4th Grade


Kids Company Preschool provides before- and after-school care on regular school days as well as certain school holidays.


Structured and supervised, as well as social and recreational activities are provided.


Arts and crafts are optional but always provided. Your child is given the opportunity to complete any homework given by his or her teacher. Assignment completions, however, are not enforced by Kids Company Preschool staff, nor are we equipped to tutor any student with his or her class work.