Our Policies


Kids Company Preschool furnishes two snacks each day, one in the morning and one after nap-time, as well as a hot lunch. All of our meals meet the daily nutritional requirements as required by community care licensing. The menu is posted here and is available upon request.



Each child will need one complete change of clothing. Children in the process of potty training need three or four changes. Please label all clothing. Be aware that a child's work is play. He or she will get dirty.




In an effort to maintain a quality program and proper staffing, please notify the director if your child will be absent on a scheduled day of attendance. If you wish your child to attend an extra day, which is not scheduled, you must first call the school to see if there is space available. Any time your child attends an extra day, additional fees are due. If circumstances cause you to withdraw your child, Kids Company Preschool requires a two-week notice.



Kindness and firmness will be used in dealing with each child, according to his or her own needs. This will be a learning time for the children as they become aware of their surrounding and limits set upon them for their safety. Discipline consists of positive reinforcement and re-direction. If this does not help, the child will be removed from the situation until they can interact with the group in a positive manner. This separation period is called 'think time'.


Under Title 22 of the Community Care Licensing Manual, no preschool teacher, staff member or volunteer is to spank or strike any child for any reason at any time. We abide by this ruling.




Security is a high priority at Kids Company Preschool. Cameras are monitored continuously, viewing the parking area and front door. Parents are required to sign in and out upon entering and leaving the center. Picture identification is required when necessary to ensure your child’s safety. 





Community Care Licensing requires a physical examination upon enrollment. Following any serious illness, a doctor's statement may be required before your child will be allowed to return to school. This is for the protection of all the children. The children are in close contact with each other as well as the teachers and viruses are easily contracted from one another. A copy of each child's current immunizations must be on file and up to date.




A child becoming ill after arrival at school will be isolated from the other children. You will be notified immediately and advised to pick up the child. It is at the discretion of the director to determine if a child is not well enough to remain at school. One third of our program is normally held outside, so a child not well enough to be outside should not attend school that day. Colds, flu, diarrhea, vomiting and fever are all conditions which provide good cause for a child to stay home. If your child has a fever, Kids Company Preschool has a twenty-four hour waiting period before your child can return 




All medication must be authorized by a written statement from the physician and the parent. Medication must be in the original prescription container indicating the amount of dosage and time to be given. Parents must fill out the medication log each day medication is to be given. No over-the-counter medicines will be given.




The staff will make every effort to insure the safety of your child. Unfortunately, minor accidents may occur. In order to keep you informed, we will provide an 'ouch report' for each occurrence.